Release from RustyBrick, the foremost Jewish app maker – Aug. 2015:

Shazak Parsha is a weekly bible study app. It’s made for kids, but adults will also have a blast and learn so much!

Bring weekly Torah stories to your children and Jewish students with this colorful app from Shazak and RustyBrick. Every Parsha (Weekly Torah Portion) is filled with full color drawings – with the well know Shazak style – and rich audio with amazing sound effects and music, portraying these beautiful stories. Children can even participate in the stories through the built-in coloring pages to bring more interactivity for your young thinkers.

Edutainment at its BEST!

This is the most comprehensive Biblical animated stories, comics, and multimedia app for entertainment and educational purposes.

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Parsha App in PhoneThis app was designed and built in cooperation with Shazak.


  • Plenty of Content per Parsha
  • Full Color Drawings
  • Black and White Color Book Pages
  • Export and Share Your Creations
  • Audio Content with story telling, sound effects and background music
  • Text of the spoken content
  • Free Sample Pages

There are in-App Purchases to unlock additional Parshas, or Entire Book or Entire Torah. The expected completion date for all the Parshas is September 2016.

Hope you enjoy, and we will love to hear your feedback!


Dear Rabbi Moscowitz,

I would like to thank you for the Shazak Parsha book and app.  My grandchildren give them both rapt attention and repeatedly have the book read and re-read. 

I would like to particularly thank you for the captivating voices and pictures portrayed in the app.  I have a grandson who is particularly special (don’t all grandparents feel that way) who is spellbound by the stories and as often as he watches the app or listens to the book being read (often several times a day). 

It is just magnificent and I we look forward to many more publications to come!  

Shalva Meyers
Chicago, IL

Release from Shazak MultiMedia – Oct. 2015:

It’s become the hallmark of “Generation Z,” children with their noses buried deep in one app or another. For the first time, however, app technology is being harnessed to teach children Parshah in a way that is both educational and enjoyable. Perhaps most importantly, it’s faithful to authentic Torah teachings.

The latest app to hit the Jewish market, called “Shazak Parsha,” is the brainchild of the same team of educators, artists and humorists, who gave Jewish children the best-selling holiday books and DVDs, “Out of Egypt,” “Queen of Persia,” and “Miracle Lights.”

“I believe that it’s crucial to teach each child at every level,” explains Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz of Chicago, who spearheads the Shazak Multimedia team. “Many kids nowadays live in a universe of technology, so it is our task to make sure that their ‘Torah-tech’ learning is on par with the secular—and even better!”

Here are some of the Shazak Parsha features:

  • Audio – The familiar riveting voice of the Shazak series features once again, Michael Shoshani, together with a host of other voice actors, including David Sokoloff, and the Moscowitz gang, from young to old. This includes Rabbi Mendel Moscowitz, a well-known educator and author. Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz is the audio engineer, who spends up to 10 hours a week, meticulously choosing the right background music, and adding the perfect sound effects. Moscowitz adds that Shazak Parsha must be “kosher,” and he spends much time, effort and money to obtain the rights for the music he uses.
  • Auto-PlayShazak Parsha features an auto-play feature, which lets the user listen to the entire Parsha without having to swipe each page. A Parsha is between 15 minutes to a half hour, which makes Shazak Parsha the perfect bedtime treat.
  • Coloring – With one press of a button users can switch from the colorful picture to a black and white line work, ready to be colored, while listening to the audio. Once finished, there is an option to share it digitally via email, text, or WhatsApp, with parents, grandparents and friends around the world!

Shazak Parsha app is available through Google Play and the Apple Store, for both Android and iOS devices. Currently the book of Bereishis is available, which includes 12 Parshiyos. It’s a “Freemium” app, namely, a limited amount of pictures per Parsha are free, but an entire Parsha costs one dollar. There is a pre-order sale of all Five Books of the Chumash (containing 54 Parshiyos), for $29.95. The entire app expected to be ready by the summer of 2016.

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