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Rabbi Moshe Moscowitz, executive producer of Shazak MultiMedia, has pioneered state of the art learning methods since the early days of Apple. He has taught in the classroom for two decades, with the goal of making learning a fun experience. Children and adults of all ages have benefited from his unique teaching approach.


In 1997, Rabbi M. took the plunge and created two “edutainment” computer programs under the Torah Excel brand – Learn-to-Learn Chumash and Learn-to-Learn Gemara (Talmud). These programs have enabled thousands of children to understand key Chumash and Gemara words in a fun way.


Shazak MultiMedia

In 2001, Shazak Multimedia was created, and from his Chicago studio (a.k.a. basement of his house), he brought the stories of the Jewish holidays to the masses with colorful cartoon/graphic novels and DVDs: Out of Egypt told the Passover story;Queen of Persia shared the Purim story; and Miracle Lights – the Chanukah story.

Following his credo, “Where Learning Meets Fun,” Rabbi M. skillfully balances authentic text-based Torah knowledge with lots of lighthearted laughs.

Shazak has now teamed up with the multitalented RustyBrick group, bringing to you the Shazak Parsha App. It’s the Bible story like you’ve never seen before.

Kosher Supervision

Since 1997, Rabbi M. has served as senior rabbinical coordinator of the Kashrus Division of the cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council). His specialty is the chemical industry and has the pleasure to supervise companies throughout the world.


Hebrew Publications

In addition, Rabbi M. has authored several books in Hebrew – a five-volume set, called “Tsohar LaTeivah,”on the Five Books of the Torah. In 2014 he published “HaMovah L’Sifrei HaRambam,” a comprehensive introduction to the life and works of Maimonides.


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